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Why drama?

Why even think about using drama in a church setting? Well, just as Jesus told parables, just as He told stories that opened the hearts of the people. So, we can do the same today with drama. Most of these dramas were written to “Set Up” a message. A message of the gospel, a Biblical perspective. They were made to ask questions not to give the answers. A drama should never preach, that is the preacher’s job!

Sometimes a drama will present an attitude or scenario that is the complete opposite to what the Bible commands. This can often help the humour factor but also open people’s hearts and prepare them to hear the right way to handle a situation, from the Biblical perspective.

I was privileged to be employed for 12 years as the full time Director of Drama at the Elim Pentecostal Church in Luton, Luton Christian Fellowship. I was employed to write, direct and produce dramas that would help services to become more interesting and relevant, particularly for non-believers. We spent a lot of time putting on events that we could invite our non-churched friends to. Drama helps people to relax, they help people to “lower their defenses” when arriving at a church service or event because we live in such a visual age. People like to laugh! Of course sometimes we need to “Preach to the converted” and many dramas here do that, challenging the body of Christ to live more Christ-like lives.

There is a real variety of dramas here, from comedy to serious drama, allegory to literal, Biblical times to contemporary. Drama should always be excellent and remember that every drama needs a director! Someone to liaise with the actors and the Church leader (Pastor/Vicar etc.) It is so important that the drama used in a service fits hand in glove with the Word that is to be preached. I used to work very closely with the preaching team.

A drama team cannot exist without the full backing and support of the Church leader. We are here to serve, not to get the acclaim and try to do everything our way. We all need to use the gifts that God has given us for His Glory, in His Way. So grab some actors read through some of the script descriptions, purchase some scripts and plan some rehearsals! The best way to learn about putting on drama is to put on some drama! What we produce in the Church should be at least as good as what the world provides. There is so much else for people to watch, on TV, at the cinema and at the theatre but so very little from a Biblical perspective!

Happy Browsing!!

Dave Jenkins

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